Advanced Query Tool is a fast and powerful multi-database query tool

  • AQT talks to all your databases, fast

    AQT uses a native ODBC interface which runs reliably and efficiently against databases of all sizes.

  • AQT is mature and feature rich

    AQT ships with an extensive query environment and a wide range of DBA and developer tools.

  • AQT is easy to use

    AQT provides a simple, clean and responsive interface which helps you get your job done fast and efficiently.

  • One app for all your databases

    No other product has AQT's degree of multi-database support. Configured individually for over 30 different database types, AQT is a specialized product for every database. One tool, one price, for all your databases. In addition, AQT has excellent cross-database features. Load data from Oracle into DB2 z/OS! Compare tables between Sybase and MySQL!

  • Simple and easy to use

    AQT has a simple clean and intuitive interface. Novices find AQT easy to learn; experts enjoy the unprecedented visibility of their databases. Sites with multiple databases appreciate having a single interface for all their databases.

  • Feature Rich

    AQT is packed full of features. AQT will make your life easier no matter whether you are developing reports, managing your database farm, writing stored procedures, loading test data or migrating data between systems. Why have multiple tools, when one can do it all?

  • Mature, stable and real-world tested

    In use since 1999 and with tens of thousands of licenses sold in over 70 countries, AQT is a solidly proven product. Our customers vary from individuals with a handful of tables to large enterprises with hundreds of thousands of tables. AQT works.

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I've used AQT since I first found it at version 6 and could not live without it. It's the best universal query tool in the industry. Customer support is beyond the scale. Some think both the product and support are a 10 well they are wrong - it's easily a 15!!!

Nick Clavijo
Solutions Architect, Charlotte, NC

As a developer, I have used AQT since 2004, and can say, hands down one of the best tools I have ever used. I use it just about every day, as do a number of developers here. Phil has solved some pretty difficult problems, above and beyond support you will find anywhere. Just for fun, I have history files going back 10 yrs. since I started using AQT and have run 140,720 queries (as of today!)! Yes, some came from batch, but most were entered manually. Used primarily with Oracle, some RDB, and once-in-a-blue-moon - Teradata, Informix and DB2.

Mike Knueven
Sr Business/Application Analyst, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

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